Prop solution provide you best authentic database for Gurgaon, Noida, South Delhi and many more localities. if you are a real estate agent or Builder you are eligible to buy our database. We have huge database that is necessary  for any real estate dealer to confirm the deal. Builders can advertise their projects in our database sheet. We also have huge circulation in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon  and Many more localities.

Note:- All data complied in the database are based upon the information collected by servey, Information received from agents / Owners / Any other sources viz. magazine advertisement and newspapers etc.. Information is based upon instant report only subject to change confirmation. No responsibility is owned and any reliance use on user’s exclusive risk  alone. E&O.E.

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Our facilites for agents

1. Listings

Every real estate agent must have his or her listings on a website! A great way to stand apart from other agents in your community is to include short snip its about the property, high-resolution photos and videos that showcase the home on an in-depth level.

2. Local Market Trends

Let your customers know what the other homes in the neighborhood at being priced at and some of the stats from the areas that they are thinking about. There are various online tools that can provide you with appropriate data that show the active housing marketing of specific towns.

3. Buyer/Seller FAQs

If you received a question from a client, past client or potential client that you can add to your website, do it! People tend to have a lot of the same questions and proactively having these answered on your site is always a plus.